Random Dress

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Sizeless, Shapeless, Judgeless

Random Dress, more than a brand is a declaration of intentions to those canons imposed over the figure of women in the world of fashion, a critique of mass production in the garment industry subject to scheduled obsolescence.

The creator of the project, María Sahuquillo defines it this way: "It is a textile project to change the way we understand fashion. A product that demonstrates that it can be designed with utility and durability in mind, not size. Compromised with people and the Planet Earth. A local, social and sustainable project."

The first collection called LESS, tells us to leave out the prejudices, sizes and shapes of the body. A dress that starts from neutrality in both forms and colors, that doesn't discriminate and that can be put in a thousand different ways, designed thinking about the durability and functionality by itself.

This collection is framed under the tagline "Sizeless, Shapeless, Judgeless"

Client - María Sahuquillo
Project purpose - Behind this entrepreneur, are the true protagonists of the story. This dress has the particularity of being handmade one by one by women at high risk of vulnerability. They have made each dress as a unique piece, each of them as unique as each of their stories.


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